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Cable and DSL Internet Service
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Cable / DSL


Cable and DSL providers in Mid Missouri are working hard to bring you faster and more reliable “over copper” class high speed internet. Carriers are releasing new and faster packages in order to compete in the modern market and our Connection Experts have up to the minute pricing and speed information ready to help you make an informed decision based upon your needs and location.


Wireless / WiMax


We offer branded Point to Point Microwave, and 4G WiMax to most areas in and around Ashland and Columbia Missouri. With no tethered connection to copper infrastucture, our Wireless services bring broadband residential and commercial service to rural Mid Missouri as well as Dedicated Point to Point services for small business without the expense of laying new lines or fiber.


Fiber Optics


Mid Missouri Carriers are now offering up to 1 gigabit/second High Speed Internet over fiber in select locations and launching promotions to get people hooked up with the most robust residential internet packages the area has ever seen. Our Experts have up to the minute data on where fiber is available, what the requirements are and how much it costs compared to other broadband connections.


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Columbia, MO now offers 1gig fiber internet packages, call now for availability